Can you guess what I am about to share ? 

After 1000's of home inspections, no one has ever told me that they regret my services.

On the flip side. I routinely hear the opposite. 

Remorse - It is not a comfortable position to be in and has become more and more common. Some Home buyers who decided to "WAIVE"  their home inspection are regretting this decision. 

I receive several messages a week with a very common thread and it's not,

"I have fallen and I can't get up". It sounds more like this, "I bought a house I shouldn't have bought" or "We love our new home but something is not right". etc......

Of course my initial response is, "You are not alone. This is more common than most people think and there are solutions to every issue you are having". 

But let me tell you something. These solutions can be life changing (expensive) and sometimes can create issues beyond just the home itself.  

Post purchase home inspections are on the rise . As strange as it sounds, buyers are realizing the value of having a home inspection even after they have the keys in their hand. 

A seller, realtor or even friend who has your best interest in mind will not talk you out of a home inspection. Quite the opposite.

Think about what I just said.

It would be like a car salesman talking you out of a test drive.


Even if you are buying a home "As Is", Get your inspection on schedule.

Any questions you may have, feel free to text or call me. 


Thank you,


Chip Degan

Owner / Operator

All Type Home Inspections