Full Home Inspection

When you contact All Type Home Inspections for a full home inspection, you will receive a comprehensive inspection of all of the major systems of your home. Our full home inspection includes the following inspections:


I will inspect your roof, including the penetrations, flashings and drainage systems, so you can have a clear idea of how effectively your roof will protect your home. The roof is one of the most important and costly parts of your home, so it’s critical that it’s inspected thoroughly.  We inspect the shingles, valley, ridge vets, decking, plumbing boots and many other parts of your roof. With Howdy Home Inspections you won’t have to worry.

Exterior Cladding and Structure

How does the home’s exterior look? How does it function? What condition is the cladding? What about the deck, patio and porches? Were they built correctly? I will inspect all aspects of the home’s exterior, including the eaves, soffits, fascias, driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls and more to ensure that there are no issues that you need to know about before purchasing. After all, the exterior of your home isn’t just about looks. It’s what protects your home the damaging effects of the environment.

Attic, Insulation and Ventilation

The attic is a major area where defects are found. I will check all the structural members of the attic. Were your roof trusses damaged during construction? Do your rafters have proper bearing? What about the collar ties and purlins? What about the insulation? Adequate insulation isn’t just about maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC system. Did you know that incorrect insulation and ventilation can destroy your roof? Did you know that it can cause unhealthy environmental conditions within your home? When you hire Howdy Home Inspections, I will inspect all components of your attic, including all structural members, the type and amount of insulation, as well at confirming that your home has proper ventilation.

Electrical System

Having a properly functioning electrical system is vital to your home’s safety and function. Does the panel offer enough amperage to meet your family’s needs? Are the wires properly gauged for the amperage of each circuit? What about sub-panels? Do they have neutrals and grounds that are both isolated and separated? These are all questions a good inspector should be asking as they’re inspecting your electrical system. My full home inspection includes an inspection of the wiring and circuitry of your home, operation of ceiling fans and lights, grounding of receptacles, smoke detectors and more. If you’re concerned with the electrical system of your home, I will make sure that it is inspected and is operating as it was intended.

Plumbing System

Few problems could be as discouraging as serious plumbing issues upon moving into a new home. Are the joints on the galvanized drain lines leaking? Is polybutylene being used for supply lines? What’s the condition of the water heater? Is water leaking under the bathtub and rotting out the bottom plate and subfloor? When you hire Howdy Home Inspections you won’t have to worry about these questions. From ensuring that the faucets and drains work properly to inspecting for leaks and damaged pipes, our plumbing inspection is as thorough as it gets.

Heating and Cooling Systems

I think HVAC is one of the most important parts of a home inspection. Do you know why? Because CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING KILLS! A properly functioning HVAC system is not just important for your family’s comfort, but it is absolutely critical to their safety. If the unit has improper combustion it will omit carbon monoxide. This can kill you and your family. When I inspect HVAC units I do so knowing that your family’s life depends on me doing a good job! Is there soot in the exhaust vent of the unit? Are the flames of the burner inconsistent in shape and size? Are they different colors? Am I able to see any cracks or debris in the heat exchanger?These are all critical questions to ask to determine if your HVAC is functioning safely and properly.

Interior Structure

Your home’s walls, doors, windows and more need to be inspected. I will check the windows for cracked seals and signs of water penetration. I’ll make sure both your windows and doors open, close and lock properly and that no raking is observed. I’ll check your flooring and walls to make sure there is no indication of underlying structural issues that could cause harm to you and you family after your purchase.

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances, like the stove and dishwasher, are an essential part of your home. Without these, you can’t enjoy family meals cooked in your new kitchen. I will inspect any permanently installed appliances, such as the dishwasher, range, cook top, garbage disposal, ventilation hood and permanently installed microwaves by testing them to see if they work. When possible, I will take the appliance through one normal cycle.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

A fireplace or wood stove can be a tremendous asset to your home and your wallet, but if the flue is in poor condition, it quickly becomes a fire hazard. Even though I’m limited by how far I can see into the chimney, I will do my best check to ensure that these items will be assets, not detriments, to your home.

Basement and Crawlspaces

Mold, Structural Issues, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC are just a few of the things I’m inspecting when I’m in a crawlspace. Did you know that over 40% of the air you breath in your home comes from your crawlspace? Did you know that basements and crawlspaces are perfect breeding grounds for mold and wood destroying fungi? What about the foundation of your home? Are there any signs of water damage under the kitchens or bathrooms? What about the Rim Joists and Sill Plates? Is there a vapor barrier and adequate ventilation? These are all questions a home inspector should be asking when they are inspecting under your home. Howdy Home Inspections takes pride in being the most thorough inspectors in the industry.

Attached Garage

If the home has an attached garage, the garage is included in the inspection. I will inspect the structure and the opener to ensure everything is in good, working order. I will also inspect to make sure that environmental hazards such are Carbon Monoxide are properly isolated from the interior of your home.

After a full inspection from Howdy Home Inspections, you’ll be asking HOWDY GET SO GOOD AT BEING A HOME INSPECTOR.Contact me today to get started with your home inspection.